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  • Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Daily career postings

  • Exclusive Online Community (Separate from Facebook community) 

  • 24/7 Access to E-Learning/Webinars relating to careers

  • Access to hiring/recruiting managers

  • Resume/Reel Reviews inside Group Discussion

  • Mentorship with Seasoned Media Professionals 

  • LIVE Discussions inside Community

  • Discount Codes for Classes/Trainings

  • Exclusive Membership

    Every month
    Full Membership Perks, Talent Database, Recruiters & more
    • Elevate Your Earnings: Careers & Pay

      Every month
      Elevate Your Earnings: Your pathway to advancing your career and increasing your income
      • Access to All Video Content (New & Previous)
      • Get Monthly Group Coaching Access with Exclusive Group
      • 6-Figure Salary Negotiation Strategies
      • Job Search Support: Receive assistance with job searches etc
      • Networking: Expand your career circle with peers and mentors
      • Boost Confidence Skills: Interview Strategies and etc
      • First to Get Updates on New Events, Job Market News etc.
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