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Lead Digital Content Producer

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Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job Duties

Duty: Oversee the Revenue Content Team’s digital producers
• Manages work of content producers and freelancers who create and/or source content for viral/trending and revenue initiatives.
• May attend daily newsroom meetings to plan coverage for the day
• Produces high-quality content ideas that are engaging and on-point
• Understands digital content, how to frame it for social engagement and how to measure or estimate its success.
• Edits or approves content submitted by freelancers and producers
• Writes additional content as needed
• Observes ethical and brand standards in content
• Selects or sources artwork
• Works in AJC content management system to..


The Lead Digital Content Producer leads the Revenue Content Team’s producers, overseeing the production of audience-focused content with a focus on viral/trending stories and fulfilling AJC sponsorships. The lead works closely with the Revenue Content Manager to develop new sponsorships and grow existing opportunities.

About the Company

Duty: Manage content execution for sponsorships and revenue initiatives
• Is the collaborative and creative force in the ideation for premium advertising products including editorial sponsorship initiatives
• Responsible for the creation of sponsorship content and the results of engagement to that content
• Forecast traffic and impressions for sponsorship content, adjusting production and distribution plans as needed to hit advertising goals

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