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Television Recruiting Membership


  • Unlimited Job Postings with Access to 20,000+ Candidates: Explore our extensive online database and connect with over 5,000 potential candidates, streamlining your talent search. (LinkedIn + Facebook) 

  • Weekly Referrals to Hiring Managers: Receive tailored weekly referrals directly to your hiring managers, facilitating connections with candidates who fit your needs.

  • Diverse Talent Pool: Find professionals across various roles, from On-Air Talent to Segment Producers, catering to a wide range of job requirements.

  • Network Exposure through Webinars: Tap into a network of 5,000+ candidates via interactive webinars on platforms like Facebook Live and Zoom, nurturing connections and expanding your talent pool.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Focus: Access a pool of candidates committed to diversity and inclusion, aligning with your organization's values.

  • Digital & Social Media Promotion: Amplify your job listings through digital and social media, reaching active online candidates effectively.

  • Featured Listings in DCOW Newsletters: Showcase your job openings in our newsletters, increasing visibility and attracting the right talent.

  • Social Media Promotion: Leverage our platform's reach to engage with a diverse community of potential candidates through social media.

  • Resume Review and Optimization: Enhance candidates' attractiveness to employers by offering resume review and optimization services.

  • Exclusive Networking Events: Foster meaningful connections and enhance recruitment through exclusive networking events and webinars with industry professionals.

  • Performance Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed analytics and reporting to fine-tune job postings for better results and efficiency.

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Television Group Membership


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