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Louisiana woman named Executive Producer of local TV station after 10 month-job search

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

A Louisiana woman landed an Executive Producer position after a 10 month job search that has inspired thousands.

Last year, Cynthia Thomas, mother of three based in Monroe LA survived a tornado on Easter Sunday, which caused them to lose everything. Thomas explained how this ten month process required her faith in God, hard work, and persistence.

"I knew my worth as a producer and I knew my worth as a worker as well," Cynthia Thomas told Kamara Daughtry, Creator of DCOW during a Facebook LIVE interview.

Thomas explained how she showed grit. Her entire world changed in minutes after losing her home, looking for a new job and caring for three children. She told us attending professional development courses through,

Pope Productions and Lyndsay Levingston truly impressed hiring managers - but in some cases that wasn't enough.

She went on countless interviews, put in over 100 applications - all while working odd jobs to get back into the industry.

"I asked God, I said what do you want me to do? I want to stay and I want to do this [be in the television industry], but what do you want me to do? I asked for God's will and His will was done," Thomas said.

She wanted to give up at times, according to Thomas. But knew the quality of work she could produce for local newsrooms. Her job hunting process changed her mindset, spiritual walk with God and total outlook for her and children's future.

During this process, hearing the word 'NO' makes her more sensitive to other candidates she'll interview in the future.

"Society looks at me like a single black woman that's not going to get anything done, but I am a single woman in Christ and I made it," Thomas says.

She wants job seekers to know they can make it as well. It will be a journey, but stay on-track and you will get your breakthrough.

Cynthia Thomas is starting her new position at KADN in Lafayette, Louisiana in May.

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