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Are you looking for a job or ways to increase your network? I have created 5 LinkedIn Message Templates that help you land a JOB! 


Your Downloadable Item Includes:


✨A 5-Step Quick LinkedIn Strategy
✨A Generic LinkedIn Message for Recruiters [Copy and Paste]
✨A Personalized LinkedIn Message for Hiring Managers/Recruiters
✨A Generic LinkedIn Comment under a Hiring Managers Post [Copy and Paste]
✨A Personalized LinkedIn Comment under a Hiring Manager Post
✨An Employee/Staff -Personalized LinkedIn Comment under a Hiring Manager Post [Copy and Paste]


You don't have to do any of the work; it's already done for you. Copy and Paste or Make it Your Own!


Your LinkedIn Profile is your digital resume and these templates are here to make the job process easy. You are not alone and you're in the right place. 


If you need more career help? Email:

5 LinkedIn Messaging Templates: How do you land a job?

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