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Are you looking to write a Cover Letter, but don't know where to start? 

Kamara Daughtry's Career Shop can handle this! I am giving you 3 Templates to Download and Customize for your job needs. 


You Receive: 

✨ 2 Example Cover Letters (One Readable and/other is Editable)
✨ 1 Generic Cover Letter to include all of your related skills to the job you're applying for.
✨ 2 Personalized Cover Letters (You Create to Fit a Specific Role or Hiring Manager) 

✨ Word Document
✨  Google Docs (Make a Copy) 


My Cover Letter Template (All Three Include) the following parts: 

- Header
- Salutation
- Introduction
- Body paragraph
- Closing paragraph
- Letter ending and signature


This will definitely give you the confidence boost to secure your job. 
I also include my email just in case you need a review.


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Cover Letter Template, Generic and Personalized, Google Docs, Microsoft Word

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