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+5,000 Media Professionals to recruit from and we are growing everyday. 
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A Results-Driven Recruiting Platform

Three Job Listings - 

  • Post - Choose three job listings to post inside our community for 14 days. 

  • Email Marketing - We have over 1,200 subscribers to our newsletter and will run three job advertisements during this period. 


Quality Candidates and Recruiting Statistics

  • Analyze - After the 14 day period, we will follow up on reach, quality candidate referrals and possible job leads based on community engagement.  

  • Follow Up Call- We will do a follow up call to discuss the recruiting success, quality of candidates and the interview process. 

Note: Based on the results, Digital Career Opportunities Worldwide LLC requests that if anyone is hired during this period - an agreed upon fee will be collected from the client company. (The candidate will not be charged). 

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